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Cannabis Coaching

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The endocannabinoid system has developed over 70 million years of evolution. When you start to take that in, this is a plant that was put here by whatever all powerful force you believe in. 

— Kenny Sobel at the National Women of Cannabis Conference


Nydia Zamorano-Torres

My name is Nydia Zamorano-Torres. I am a licensed, 15 year veteran, professional physical therapist. I am a proud graduate of Howard University and have worked in institutions such as Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC, & Craig Hospital in Colorado. I largely specialized in neurological rehabilitation at the inpatient level but have been well rounded throughout the years with experience in acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare.

After years of seeing the cyclical nature of the healthcare system, feeling stagnant in my career, I decided to add cannabis to my knowledge base; meeting Corrine Tobias and the Cannabis Coaching institute, as well as diving into Max Montrose online courses at the Trichome institute. My eyes opened wide, thus discovering the endocannabinoid system and the results of its deficiencies and/or imbalances. The realms of possibilities are endless when we combine my knowledge in functional mobility and the musculoskeletal system with the healing properties of cannabis.

I am so excited to walk with you towards your greatness and help you experience the enlightenment and freedom you can have with safe and educated use of therapeutic cannabis introduced into your life. I’m squealing inside! What I have seen and experienced this transformation myself from living in 2 legal states. It is absolutely astounding. I know I’ve peaked your interest and I can’t wait to talk more about this and so many other things!

More of my story can be found in the cannabis coaching wellness introduction. Feel free to read and enjoy.

Have a beautifully, blessed, peace and love filled day

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