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UR Well Book Club

Currently Reading: "Cannabis & Spirituality"

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Expanding Your Cannabis Awareness and Consciousness

This Club is Perfect for You if...

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Presented by Nydia GanjaClergy
Founder & CEO of UR Wellness LLC

As an Ordained Cannabis Clergy Woman, I've been profoundly inspired by years of research, self-discovery, and healing. Now, I'm excited to share some of the most captivating reads that have taken me on a transformative life adventure and ultimately shaped who I am today.

Ashliegh CT, CA

"I seriously look foward to this book club so much.  it has changed my life.  i know that might sound silly but these people show up for me."

Tamaira G, FL

"This group of individuals and Nydias guidance is something I look foward to each and every time we get together.  we are always learning."

Tyler P, MI

"I am always astounded by the variety of people Nydia/Kiishar is able to bring together to create community w/ Cannabis.  this club is a MUST."

In this Book Club we will cover

2024 Book List

the books included in this reading list are either regularly read books by Nydia Ganja Clergy or on her wishlist to read.  you're not the only one who needs accountability here, ok?  Join us and embark on a journey of discovery and going back to the future in order to gain insights and clarity into why cannabis fits so well into religion and spirituality. 

Cannabis & Spirituality

By Stephen Gray

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

By Jack Herrer

High Magick

By Phillip H. Farber

The Four Agreements

By: Don Miguel Ruiz

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The African Roots of Marijuana

By: Chris S. Duvall

High Magick
African Roots of Marijuana

Liber 420

By: Chris Bennet

Liber 420


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