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The 9 Puff Ceremony: A Journey into Cannabis, Breathwork, and Mindfulness

In the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis consumption, enthusiasts are constantly seeking new and meaningful ways to connect with themselves and the cannabis plant.

Inspired by the transformative power of the 9 to 9 Sip Ceremony by Mikaela De La Myco, I embarked on a journey to adapt and introduce a novel experience to the cannabis community – "The 9 Puff Ceremony." This ceremonial approach, combining cannabis, breathwork, and mindfulness, aims to offer participants an entheogenic transcendental experience through consistent dosing and consumption in unison during the ceremony. as each participant is guided through the reflection of each puff before taking it.

The Genesis of The 9 Puff Ceremony:

Amantia Muscaria Ceremony

The concept of combining cannabis and ceremonial rituals was not a new idea, but I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to this practice. Captivated by the potential for transformative experiences, I saw an opportunity to introduce a new dimension to the traditional consumption of this plant.

Considering this and drawing from my personal experience of sitting with Mikela during an amanita muscaria ceremony in July at the Women's Entheogenic Conference in Detroit, MI, I decided to reach out to Mikaela. I shared my own journey and suggested the idea of facilitating a ceremony that combines the use of her initital conception and cannabis. It seemed like a promising opportunity to explore further possibilities and create something meaningful. The 9 Puff Ceremony was born from these and other conversations.

Mikaela first conceived the 9 Sip to Sip Ceremony after drawing inspiration from her personal participation in moon cycle ceremonies, ancient Kemetic mathematics, and her spiritual intuition. She created this ceremony with the intention of it being shared and experienced communally, bringing people together in a meaningful way.

Transitioning this ceremony to cannabis creates an innovative fusion aimed at reintroducing the concept of ceremonial cannabis use within a mindful and intentional framework. If you want to join a group activity offering a new perspective on this sacred plant, UR Wellness LLC invites you to experience the 9 Puff Ceremony later this year via another ceremony we will be presenting, virtually or privately.

Facilitating for a Larger Audience:

Photography By: KensImagery

Embarking on uncharted territory, I recently facilitated The 9 Puff Ceremony for a large group, marking a significant milestone in my journey. It was a departure from my previous one-on-one sessions with Reiki clients, where the feedback had been overwhelmingly positive with an array of outcomes from various consumer levels. I found myself having to center myself, questioning my every move and ability to lead in the middle of the ceremony. Then, I found my truth and center through my previous practices to embody the confidence I needed to lead the group out of the meditation and back into our space. The challenge of presenting this unique ceremony to a broader audience was exciting and nerve-wracking. I have deep gratitude for my nervous system balancing exercises and the spiritual work I have done to help lead me through the moments of doubt that occasionally creep in.

The Power of Breathwork and Mindfulness:

Central to The 9 Puff Ceremony is the integration of breathwork and mindfulness practices paired with consumption. As participants embarked on their cannabis-infused journey, guided breathing exercises served as a foundation for heightened awareness. The combination of intentional cannabis consumption, conscious breathing, and mindfulness set the stage for an entheogenic experience, inviting participants to explore the depths of their consciousness. Throughout the ceremony, I repeatedly heard a phrase being echoed: "Wow! I absolutely adore this." "It's not just about us but truly about the plant." "This is truly remarkable." These words further reinforced the significance of the inaugural ceremony and affirmed my deep connection to my true calling of facilitating these ceremonies again and again.

Participants' Transformative Experiences:

The response from participants was nothing short of remarkable. Many attendees, unfamiliar with the concept of a cannabis ceremony, were pleased with the overall experience. Reviews echoed sentiments of deep relaxation, ease of entry into the void of creation, and emerging from the experience feeling calm and refreshed. The power of intentional cannabis use, coupled with breathwork and mindfulness, provided a gateway to a unique and profound journey for all involved.

The 9 Puff Ceremony represents a fusion of ancient ceremonial practices, cannabis exploration, and ancient mindfulness techniques. As cannabis enthusiasts increasingly seek intentional and transformative experiences, ceremonies like these open new avenues for exploration. The positive reviews and transformative experiences shared by participants underscore the potential for conscious cannabis use to be a catalyst for personal growth and expanded consciousness within the ever-evolving cannabis community. The journey into the void of creation, facilitated by The 9 Puff Ceremony, serves as a testament to the potential of intentional cannabis consumption as a tool for profound self-discovery and transcendence.

Whether you're local to Nydia GanjaClergy or not, she has the capability to provide a 9 Puff Ceremonial experience for groups regardless of the legal state you reside in.

Photography By: KensImagery
Nydia GanjaClergy

In fact, Nydia/Kishar is planning to bring this ceremony to a town near you in 2025! So why wait? Reach out now, and let's arrange for you to partake in a cannabis ceremony with a wonderful group of individuals in your area, or let's organize this unforgettable experience for your community in 2025! Don't hesitate to get in touch, and let's make it happen.

In addition to this one-of-a-kind experience, Nydia GanjaClergy also offers a variety of other services to help you connect with your inner shaman, transform energies, provide divination readings, and more. For further details, click on the link below.

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