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Terpene Coloring Book (BULK ONLY)

Terpene Coloring Book (BULK ONLY)


For BULK orders of 10 or more ONLY


The Got Terpenes? coloring book is curated labor of love. Created by the mom for the son to better learn and understand terpenes as they pertain to our environment and the cannabis plant. Cannabis doesn't have to be scary or taboo. The coloring book covers an array of topics like defining terpenes, where and how terpenes are normally found, and how they can effect us internally and externally. Lastly, we are educators and advocates of this beautiful plant and the medicine it is capable of bringing our planet and our bodies. Join us to learn more, by coloring today!


    There are no refunds. No exceptions.


    Got Terpenes? is not just a brand, it's education!

    Schedule an online presentation or in-person event with Nydia as your guide. Experience guided activity, enjoy her terpene stations and refreshments!

    Guided Activity

    • Guidance at terpene stations with guidance provided to aid in determining terpene profiles with consumption and correlations to strains

    • May Include: a detailed discussion

    Terpene Station

    • Framed terpene page from a coloring book with corresponding terpenes pictured


    If you are seeking orders of 1o coloring books or less please order directly via


    If you place an order for less than 10 books you will be refunded and order canceled ASAP.

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