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Vigil Planning

Providing a plan for emotional & physical support during the transition to maximize comfort.

  • 1 h
  • Main Park Drive|Business Address|CenterPeace Troy

Service Description

A Vigil Plan is a customized blueprint, consisting of ideas and recommendations, aimed at outlining the desired emotional and physical support for individuals during their final days when their energy and ability to communicate are diminishing. Make a detailed plan for the prayer, including the number of readers required, the chosen readings and songs, and any additional materials needed. Consider incorporating spiritual symbols like candles for evening vigils. Spread the word effectively by writing an announcement for Mass or the weekly bulletin and utilizing word of mouth. These strategies can increase conversion significantly. A vigil is a heartfelt way of honoring someone who has passed away or is nearing the end. It's a moment for people to gather and support the individual in their final moments or during the initial days following their passing. During this time, individuals may engage in prayer, reminisce, or choose to stay silent, fostering a sense of unity and respect. Vigils are frequently organized to remember those who have passed away, providing spiritual solace and religious support during their departure. Essentially, these gatherings bring together friends and family members, fostering unity among individuals affected by sudden death or tragedy. Kishar will provide you with a lovingly crafted plan, outline, and workbook. This will assist you in creating a plan and guide you and your family in respecting the wishes of the person transitioning, even when they are no longer able to communicate their needs effectively. These appointments consist of one-hour appointments weekly with monthly pay installments for up to one year of support and planning, a detailed workbook will be provided along with email support in between appointments.

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