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More than just a brand, it's Education!

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What inspired Got-Terpenes?

Nydia is the mom part of the duo behind the education. Her son Aramis is the creator and visionary of "Got-Terpenes".

As a  clergywoman that works with sacred plant medicine, "terpenes and cannabinoids" are consistently discussed in their household. They regularly venture into the woods or local farmers' markets and discuss plant components throughout their day. One day, Aramis asked about the terpenes on an educational poster Nydia has hanging in their dining room. He carefully spelled out the words and drew corresponding associations of the terpenes. Nydia posted it on Instagram (you’d have to scroll a ways back, but it's there), and the number of likes and love she received for this "parenting win" within the cannabis community was overwhelming. A light bulb went off and a single shirt was made. Aramis was so excited to wear his shirt.

On the morning after an overnight stay, Aramis proudly put on his t-shirt and began talking about cannabis. He was immediately denied and asked to change his shirt. Intrigued by this, Nydia processed and decided that out of respect, and as a mom, it was time to shift the dialogue and focus on terpenes and their influence on plant science. The shift meant they would share education about plant medicine with a focus on the science behind it. One shirt at a time. 

Nydia intentionally made another sleepover date with the same family and packed the same shirt. This time she instructed Aramis to leave the word “cannabis” out of the conversation and just focus on EVERYTHING else. Aramis didn't make it too far with the discussion. Nydia came in with a sweep and asked for some sage to bundle from their backyard. They had the "terpene conversation" and left another family member stumped.  The kind of stumped that feels good.

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It's more than just a brand, it's education!

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