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"Coaching with Nydia at UR Wellness has been illuminating. Nydia is one of the most non-judgmental women I have ever met and makes me feel comfortable revealing things I’ve been scared to admit to myself. Her questions are thought-provoking, and she can capture fragmented thoughts and feelings into simple statements that ring true. Her coaching style is flexible, realistic, and focuses on making micro-changes that we can easily incorporate into our lives. Nydia is full of wisdom and is passionate about healing and intentionality. Do yourself a favor and sign up - I guarantee you’ll be on track to becoming your best self in no time."

-Willow G.

"If you’re looking for someone to really dig deep and give you information and understanding of your Endo cannabinoid system and everything that goes along with it, Nydia is your coach. She helped me understand what my receptors were and how they worked. As well as, how the cannabis plant is useful in so many different ways and she encourage me to learn how to know thyself when using plant medicine. I am very grateful for her knowledge and coaching program. It has really changed my life and allowed me to reach a higher consciousness."


-Raquel L.

"When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Going all the way back to the first day I met Nydia my life has changed in such a positive direction. I find myself just taking time to breath like she taught me. While fully enjoy all the knowledge and guidance that’s being released onto me. From understanding myself, my energy, to learning about terpenes, ancient history (Seshat), and more. I’m still learning more and more from her each day. It feels so good to know when I have any new projects coming up in my life I can always call Nydia."


-Evelyn S.

"Nydia has an incredible talent for seeing situations, experiences, and people for who they truly are and helping them to tap into a deeper power they never realized they had within them. She helps you uncover your blocks so you can clear that sh*t out and start creating! I always feel more tapped into my own personal source of power after connecting with Nydia."


-Shaun S.

"Nydia's 90-Day Cannabis Lifestyle program values align with everything the Popped.NYC caretaker needs. From movement to food to mindfulness, Nydia has you covered. Whether you are new to anything green, from broccoli to cannabis, she will ease you into the new-new normal."

-Pop! - Lauren

"Finding my sweet spot. I never thought that I could and now I can't even think of smoking straight weed anymore.  I continue to lose weight.  This whole course helped me get rid of back pain, control my anxiety, come out of a deep depression, set boundaries and move on from a stagnant relationship.  I took the leap forward to live out my dreams and travel for work.  I learned to meditate through this program which is helping me get through  heavy times in my life. Not to mention, I got lucky and got my hands on some of your exclusive & absolutely amazing homemade oil which made the warts on my foot disappear."


-Lily G.

“Nydia’s suppository making class was intimate, informative, and fun. Online courses can feel scripted and impersonal, but I felt like Nydia was in my kitchen with me walking me through each step.”


-Kerri S.

“Nydia has been a treasure on my spiritual journey! She’s helped me to better understand the importance of healing from within and connecting to the earth through cannabis and self-love. One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve gotten from her is to give myself grace, and in doing so, I’ve found a whole new perspective on life. She’s also a CBD wiz who does an AMAZING job at personalizing the experience!”


-Becky Jones

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