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Kishar Priestess

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Journeying with Nydia

Meet Nydia

Ordained Ganja Clergy & Plant Medicine Guide

Nydia Ganja Clergy at UR Wellness LLC strives to create a thriving wellness community that empowers individuals to reach optimal health and balance in their lives.


Nydia specializes in providing spiritual guidance, cannabis education, wellness lifestyle products, and resources designed to encourage personal development.


Her unique value proposition is combining her services with sustainable products, so you can experience the benefits of holistic healing while also making conscious choices for the planet.


Our mission statement is to promote well-being through connection and collaboration within our communities; mindfully helping others cultivate meaningful relationships with themselves and Mother Earth.


We envision a world where everyone has access to the tools they need to make informed decisions on their holistic journey toward transformation.

Ganja Clergy

Areas of Practice

Endocannabinoid Balance

Conscious Consumption


Theological Studies