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Balancing While Growing

Updated: May 26, 2023

Using the knowledge obtained about the ECS to grow and Balance

as a Female Cannabis Entrepreneur

I have been balancing and growing now for two and a half years. Some would say a lifetime. however, with actual awareness only for that two-and-a-half time frame.

Having left my conventional and secure job as a physical therapist and jumping into cannabis education and advocacy was the shock of a lifetime. I couldn't have told you I was going to do it when I did. Even I thought I had lost my mind when I did. I genuinely thought "ok, I will do it for a year and then if all doesn't go well can always go back." I got to a year and folks told me that's nice but you won't know you made it until 2.5 years.

Well here I am and I can say I am making it. It's not always nice and jolly or sunshine and rainbows. Many days I have to pump myself up and remind myself to follow through on projects I have a strong passion for. Many days I feel like crawling back into my box and giving up.

However, to be completely transparent if I go back I turn my back on centuries of ancestral and generational healing. This mission I am on to allow this plant to speak through me is one that is NOT of my benefit. Quite the contrary it is a very difficult path to forage and embody but one I take on is it fits just right.

My niche audiences are healers, those in the cannabis industry those enthralled with religion and seeking to obtain truths around stories manipulated and regurgitated for centuries. Children that will listen and absorb without limitations and adults who are childlike in their ways of learning. it is in this realm that I have learned to balance the difficult information that is within the Cannabis and Hemp Plants and the Endocannabinoid System itself.

By teaching these particulars at the level of a child we can transcend what we believe to be normal and allow for more options, pathways, and perspectives to bring us new or traditional ways of healing using our plant's medicines, minds, and our body. This is why I have approached my guidance using this exact three-pillar approach. Mind, Body, and Sacred plant medicine. through these three the ability to gain awareness and attune to the inner voice that guides you correctly every time.

Growth and Balance always go hand in hand and you never have to do them alone. I am a guide that has guides and coaches because I am human like you. sign-up today with me to learn some of the many techniques I have used to employ both my balance and growth or hey check out my online programs and learn a little more about the endocannabinoid system today!

Nydia’s knowledge of the cannabis plant, and spiritual and historical contexts makes her one of a kind in her consultation services.

Let us light the path for others to follow by investing in thoughtful conversations on proper education before partaking or consuming – something that is only offered through professionals like Nydia.

If you want to learn even more, reach out and make an appointment for a consult today.

You will develop a much deeper respect for the plant, as well as receive advice tailored directly to you. Education is key so go forth knowing we have the powerful gift of knowledge within our grasp. Now is the time to use it.



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