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Meet Nydia

Ordained Ganja Clergy & Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Meet Nydia Zamorano-Torres, a visionary ganja clergywoman, cannabis educator, and advocate deeply rooted in both anecdotal wisdom and evidence-based research of the cannabis and hemp plants. With a background in formal western medicine education from Howard University and a profound understanding of the endocannabinoid system, Nydia has discovered her unique ability to inspire a balanced plant medicine lifestyle through the integration of mind-body connection and deep self-awareness.


Known as Nydia GanjaClergy, she is an authentically ordained Cannabis clergy and high priestess, trained by the esteemed MichaelM, a dear friend to Jack Herer and founder of Pr Ntr Kmt. Nydia's diverse skill set includes being a certified INELDA-trained Death Doula, a level 2 Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, an intuitive sound healer, a certified Cannabis Guide, and a Certified Spiritual Cleanser. She practices the Dao daily through qi gong and I-Ching divination.


With over seventeen years of experience as a former physical therapist, Nydia seamlessly fuses her expertise in healthcare with her holistic approach to wellness. As a homeschooling mother to an inspiring young boy, she embodies a nurturing spirit both at home and within her cannabis community.


Nydia's commitment to holistic healing extends to her recent certifications as a certified acupressure practitioner and sacred animal venoms practitioner. These modalities further enrich her ability to provide comprehensive care and support to her clients.


Through her dynamic presence and dedication to empowering others, Nydia invites you to explore the depths of alternative medicine and self-discovery. Connect with her to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic healing and enlightenment.

Ganja Clergy
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