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Cannabis: A Gift from the Stars


Cannabis aficionados and spiritualists have long been fascinated by the mysterious origins of the plant. From ancient texts to modern-day science, theories abound as to where cannabis came from and why it has such a powerful effect on human consciousness.

In this blog post, we'll explore one of the most intriguing theories: that cannabis has its roots in the stars.

The idea that cannabis has extraterrestrial origins comes from the work of ethnobotanist and writer, Terence McKenna. In his book, Food of the Gods, McKenna proposes that cannabis was brought to Earth by an alien race known as the Dogons. According to Dogon mythology, the Dog Star Sirius is the home of a highly intelligent species that visited ancient civilizations on Earth and brought them knowledge and gifts, including the cannabis plant.

But where does the "k" in cannabis come from? McKenna points out that the original spelling of the plant's name, as used by ancient cultures, was "Kanna." The "k" refers to the symbolism of the two-dog star. In ancient Dogon mythology, Sirius is represented by two dogs, one male and one female, known as the "two-dog star." The "bis" in Kannabis refers to "two" in Latin.

So, in essence, the original name for cannabis meant "two-dog star plant."

McKenna's theory may seem far-fetched, but there is some scientific evidence that supports it. For example, researchers have discovered that cannabis contains a unique class of chemicals called cannabinoids, which are found in many other plant and animal species on Earth. Some scientists believe that these cannabinoids may have originated in outer space and then made their way to Earth on a meteorite or asteroid. While this idea is still considered speculative, it's fascinating to think that cannabis may have truly cosmic origins.

But what about the effects of cannabis on human consciousness?

Many spiritualists and theologists believe that the plant has a divine purpose in helping us connect with the divine. Cannabis has been used in spiritual and medicinal contexts for thousands of years and remains a popular tool for enhancing creativity, meditation, and spiritual insights. Whether or not cannabis truly has its roots in the stars, its ability to stimulate the human imagination and inspire spiritual experiences is undeniable.

Cannabis may have originated in outer space or it may have simply been brought to Earth by ancient alien visitors.

Whatever its origins, the plant has become an important part of human culture, both as a medicine and as a spiritual tool. The idea that cannabis has cosmic origins may seem fanciful, but it highlights the enduring mystery and power of this incredible plant. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or simply a curious cannabis enthusiast, the story of the two-dog star plant is sure to inspire wonder and awe.


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