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Exploring the Depths of Cannabis Wellness: UR Wellness LLC's 420 Learn and Sesh Event


Welcome to an in-depth exploration of UR Wellness LLC's recent 420 Learn and Sesh event!

420 Learn & Sesh Flier, Photo By: Yana Galanin

Led and curated by the passionate Nydia GanjaClergy, this gathering wasn't just your average cannabis celebration; it was a rich tapestry of education, camaraderie, and holistic wellness.

At the heart of April's 420 festivities was a commitment to providing a safe and inclusive space for individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels to come together and explore the multifaceted world of cannabis. From seasoned enthusiasts to curious newcomers, attendees were greeted with open arms and a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered.

One of the most captivating aspects of the event was the diverse range of educational offerings available. From hands-on workshops to insightful presentations, there was something for everyone to sink their teeth into.

High, How can we help you? by L. Marie took attendees on a journey into the realm of adaptogenic cocktails and spirits infused with cannabis and other herbs. This innovative approach to mixology not only tantalized the taste buds but also offered a glimpse into the potential therapeutic benefits of blending cannabis with adaptogens.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Gotcher, from Wholistic Empowerment empowered participants with the knowledge and skills to create their own infused products at home. Through her DIY infusion session, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the infusion process, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency in their cannabis consumption journey.

The event also welcomed a special guest appearance by Sahir AL-Salam, the visionary behind High Prophecy. As a sponsor of the event, Sahir brought a wealth of expertise and insight to the table during the blunt rolling edition of the evening, as well as presenting her offical launch of High Prophecy enriching the experience for all in attendance.

For those interested in exploring the world of dabbing, Tyler Palmer's demonstration on safe dabbing techniques proved to be invaluable. Dabbing, while popular, can be intimidating for newcomers, but Palmer's expert guidance ensured that attendees could approach this method of consumption with confidence and ease.

Additionally, Lolly Mariah's presentation from HerbaFleur on "Herbalism & Pregnancy" sparked a vital dialogue surrounding the intersection of cannabis use and pregnancy. Mariah's thoughtful insights provided attendees with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about herbal supplementation during pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and informed decision-making.

Overall, attendees left the event feeling informed, empowered, and inspired to continue their journey towards holistic wellness.

UR Wellness LLC's dedication to providing a regular platform for such educational events underscores their commitment to fostering a culture of respect, responsibility, and community within the cannabis space.

As we reflect on the success of April's 420 Learn and Sesh, we're reminded of the transformative power of education and community.

With Nydia GanjaClergy at the helm, UR Wellness LLC continues to be a beacon of enlightenment and empowerment in the world of cannabis wellness. Here's to many more enriching gatherings in the future!


Nydia’s knowledge of sacred Cannabis medicine and commitment to helping clients recommit themselves and be accountable for their growth makes her one of a kind in her consultation services.

Let us light the path for others to follow by investing in thoughtful conversations on proper education before partaking or consuming – which is only offered through professionals like Nydia. If you want to learn even more, schedule a consultation today.

You will develop a more profound respect for yourself and sacred plant medicines and receive advice tailored directly to you. Education is key so go forth knowing we have the powerful gift of knowledge. Now is the time to use it.

Check out Nydia's Conscious Consumption Workbook to begin developing a synergistic relationship with the Cannabis plant, or schedule a Discovery call, Event or Lecture HERE today.

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