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Certificate of Cannabis Marriage

Certificate of Cannabis Marriage


The Certificate of Cannabis Marriage is a unique certificate that celebrates the spiritual and ceremonial aspects of cannabis use and its place in marriage of two homes. Each certificate is issued under the full moon, energized with reiki, and follows the Pr Ntr Kmt rites and rituals passed down to Nydiaganjaclergy by her mentors, spirits, guides, and ancestors.


The Official Pr Ntr Kmt, Religious / Spiritual Cannabis Marriage Certificate. Spiritually certified with Pr Ntr Kmt as a sincere believer and clergy in cannabis religion, Ntr Sntr (Netjer Sentra, Divine Smoke, incense). My cannabis use, cultivation, possession, cooking, growing, preparation, harvesting, curing, transportation, and distribution is required by the DIVINE.


This certificate is the perfect way to honor your cannabis use and deepen your connection to its spiritual properties. It is a beautiful, high-quality document for a great gift or keepsake. Order your Certificate of Cannabis Clergy today and celebrate the sacredness of cannabis.

  • Time for Delivery

    Please allow anywhere between 14-21 days for delivery depending on full moon cycle.

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