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Conscious Cannabis Resources

Discover a wide range of resources that can help you explore, establish, and experiment with cannabis in innovative and unexpected ways.


Leading Conscious Cannabis Education

Are you ready to join us in breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis?


Our ClergyWoman has developed several resources to enhance your education and knowledge of this sacred plant. As an entrepreneur, educator, homeschooling mom, and advocate for cannabis, her resources are truly a labor of love.

Our aim is to educate individuals from the cannabis conscious to the cannabis curious about the healing powers of this plant. For far too long, we've been fed lies. That's why we created this colorful book - to honor and celebrate the power of cannabis.

Don't ignore the potential of this mother plant. It deserves its place in our medicinal cabinets, economy, and industries once again. Explore our resources and embark on a journey that is educational, witty, and full of conversation. Join us in breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis today!

Why Conscious Conusmption?

Discover a healthy way to conquer stress and infuse learning! Embrace the power of awarenss as it soothes your mind and calms your body while pouring into your cannabis knowledge.

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Better Sleep + Less Stress

Cannabis has been found to be an effective alternative to traditional sleeping aids and stress medications. When consumed mindfully and in proper dosages, cannabis can aid with relaxation and provide a restful night's sleep. Many individuals have reported feeling less anxious and more at ease after consuming cannabis, which may lead to decreased stress levels. With conscious cannabis consumption, those looking for a more natural solution to sleep and stress issues may find the relief they've been seeking.

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Less Inflammation + Pain

Studies have shown that cannabis can help with decreased inflammation and pain. However, it is important to practice conscious cannabis consumption in order to truly reap the benefits. This means being aware of the amount and type of cannabis being consumed, as well as how it is being consumed. Whether it is through edibles, tinctures, or smoking, it is important to start with a small dosage and gradually increase as needed. By being mindful of our cannabis consumption, we can experience its therapeutic effects without any negative side effects.

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Better Mood + Creativity

Conscious cannabis consumption, or intentionally selecting strains and using them in a mindful and purposeful way, can lead to not only a more enjoyable high, but also a boost in mood and creativity. This approach involves considering factors such as the desired effects, dosage, timing, and setting to tailor the experience to each individual's needs. By practicing conscious cannabis consumption, consumers can unlock the plant's full potential and reap the benefits that it has to offer.

Our Resources

We have developed an extensive online library of basic courses to help you understand cannabis. Additionally, we provide links to hardcopy and PDF versions of our enlightening books. You can also make an appointment directly with our knowledgeable team for personalized guidance and support.

Explore our extensive online library filled with a multitude of video resources designed to enhance your learning experience. Broaden your fundamental knowledge by accessing the link above.

Get a physical copy of either of our current publications. We currently have two options, and we will be adding more very soon. Currently, you can choose between our "Terpene Coloring Book" and "Conscious Cannabis Workbook."

If you are having a hard time finding someone to guide you through your consumption and wellness needs. Let's create an appointment and get you on a personalized program that will leave you with more options than you knoew possible.

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