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UR Conscious Consumption

Discover a wide range of resources & events that can help you explore, establish, and experiment with cannabis in innovative and unexpected ways.

Why Conscious Conusmption?

Discover a healthy way to conquer stress and infuse learning! Embrace the power of awareness as it soothes your mind and calms your body while pouring into your cannabis knowledge.


Honoring the Sacred Sacrament

Explore the cultural, historical, and spiritual significance of cannabis as a sacred sacrament. Discover its ancient roots in rituals and ceremonies, its therapeutic properties in traditional medicine, and its role in contemporary debates on legalization and cultural preservation. Join the conversation on honoring cannabis with respect, sensitivity, and critical understanding. Click to delve deeper into this intriguing topic.

Ceremonial Attendees

Communion over Comodificaiton

We prioritize communion with cannabis over its commodification. Led by our esteemed ClergyWoman, Nydia, renowned author and healer, we advocate for a deeper understanding of cannabis's healing potential. Through education and empowerment, we strive to break stigma and foster meaningful connections with this sacred plant. Join us on a journey that transcends mere consumption, embracing a holistic approach to cannabis that honors its spiritual and medicinal significance.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Health + Wellness

Unlock the potential of cannabis as a health and wellness supplement. From its therapeutic properties to its role in holistic healing practices, cannabis offers a myriad of benefits for mind and body. Explore how cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system to promote balance and well-being. Click to discover the science behind cannabis as a supplement and how it's reshaping the landscape of modern healthcare.

Leading Conscious Cannabis Education

Welcome to our community, where we're dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis.


Led by our esteemed ClergyWoman, Nydia, who is a renowned author, healer, and advocate, we offer a wealth of resources designed to educate and empower individuals at every level. Nydia's expertise spans healthcare, healing modalities, and a deep understanding of cannabis history and spirituality, imparted through direct training by Michale Meyers, a collaborator of Jack Herer.


From colorful books to study guides and coloring books, Nydia's creations serve as beacons, urging us to reclaim cannabis's place in our lives, from medicinal use to economic opportunities.


Join us on a journey that's both educational and enlightening, as we embrace the healing powers of cannabis together.!

Our Resources

We have developed an extensive online library of basic courses to help you understand cannabis. Additionally, we provide links to hardcopy and PDF versions of our enlightening books. You can also make an appointment directly with our knowledgeable team for personalized guidance and support.

Explore our extensive online library filled with a multitude of video resources designed to enhance your learning experience. Broaden your fundamental knowledge by accessing the link above.

Get a physical copy of either of our current publications. We currently have two options, and we will be adding more very soon. Currently, you can choose between our "Terpene Coloring Book" and "Conscious Cannabis Workbook."

Experience the synergy of mindful cannabis consumption and holistic healing at our conscious events, where spirituality meets wellness in community connection. Join us for an elevated journey of exploration and enlightenment.

If you are having a hard time finding someone to guide you through your consumption and wellness needs. Let's create an appointment and get you on a personalized program that will leave you with more options than you knoew possible.

Enhance your wellness journey with our exclusive live classes hosted by Nydia GanjaClergy. Each month, dive into topics around wellness and conscious consumption. Engage in interactive Q&A sessions and gain valuable insights to improve your well-being.

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