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Life and Death

UR Spiritual Services

Meet Kishar, a seasoned spiritual healer and teacher with over fifteen years of experience. Her profound expertise spans ancient wisdom teachings, including energy healing, meditation, and yoga. She is dedicated to guiding you in accessing your inner power and aligning yourself with profound peace, unwavering balance, and harmonious existence.


Welcome to UR Spiritual Services, provided by Kishar. These carefully curated services embody years of self-study, introspection, and growth in darkness. We aim to empower you on your path of self-discovery, elevating your understanding of yourself and your innate ability to heal. Through energetic healing, divination, entheogenic guidance, and more, we offer the energy and knowledge necessary for your spiritual growth. Thank you for choosing UR Wellness' Spiritual Services – we are excited to join you on your journey to reaching your fullest potential. 

I-Ching Readings

Intuitive readings by Kishar offer the ancient art of divination through I Ching, a timeless guide for an ethical life, rulership, personal fate, and the state's future.

People seek the I Ching for advice on various matters, such as relationships, breakups, negotiations, work dynamics, office politics, family issues, and spiritual well-being, seeking insight and clarity.

Spiritual Cleanses (Limpias)

A spiritual cleanse or 'Limpia' is performed in Mexico. Aim to revitalize energy and rid individuals of negative influences. A Limpia, or spiritual cleansing, works on the body, mind, and soul to remove bad luck, blockages, confusions, bad karma, witchcraft, generational curses, imbalances, and even help with addictions, phobias, and fears.

Etheogenic Guidance

Seeking a personally guided entheogenic plant-based transition? Nydia will guide you through the intake, preparation, diet, experience, and integration periods required to make sustainable changes for a healthier you.  Tap into ancient inner wisdom and live a productive life during this dance we call life.

Holy FIre Usui Reiki

Through gentle hand movements, we aim to guide the flow of vibrant energy (called life force energy in Reiki) to bring about relaxation and facilitate the healing process. Kishar is experienced and certified, so you can relax knowing you’ll be in good hands when receiving treatment.


Understanding that life can be stressful, and we want to help provide a peaceful respite for our clients. Whether it's managing pain or relieving stress from everyday life, we hope to bring comfort and healing energy for all who visit us.

Forest Reset & Cleanse

Intake, Journey, and Integration - all while being surrounded by nature. Sometimes, it's easier to reflect on personal transitions when we observe the nature around us. And what better way to do it than with a personally guided entheogenic journey with Kishar? Kishar will lead you through an experience filled with sights, sounds, feelings, touch, taste, and smell, delving deep into yourself.

What Our Clients Say

Shadow Profile Portrait

Becky, Massage Therapist 

"I gifted my partner a session and when she came back from the reading she was in awe as to how accurate Kishar was able to tell her about her current situation and how to navigate it.  10 minutees and three coins can change your life. "
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