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Group Guidance Options

Looking for a way to connect with others and improve your personal well-being? Join a group activity with UR Wellness LLC today. Whether you're interested in practicing Qi-Gong, participating in a cannabis ceremony, discussing books with a group, supporting education initiatives, advocating for important causes, or exploring the topic of death, we have a group for you. Our experienced leaders guide each activity with professionalism and confidence, ensuring that you will have an informative and engaging experience. By joining a group activity with UR Wellness LLC, you will not only improve your own well-being, but also connect with others who share your interests and values. Don't hesitate to join us today.

Group Guidance Options

Experience the power of group dynamics with Nydia/Kishar. Our approach is not just about building a community but fostering its organic growth in harmony with the universal destiny that surrounds us.


Join us for transformative group activities such as qi-gong sessions on Sundays, engaging book club discussions every Thursday evening, exclusive content on our Patreon channel, and even ceremonial cannabis ceremonies. Discover the immense potential of collective work with Nydia/Kishar.

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About Nydia GC

Find out more about your group facilitator by reading from her About Me Page

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