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SACRED HERB: Nydia GanjaClergy

Liz Grow

Jul 11, 2022

SACRED HERB: Nydia GanjaClergy | Grow House Media Presents: Feminized with Liz Grow | EP 30

Have you ever considered that when you’re enjoying cannabis that you’re actually participating in an ancient sacred ritual shared between you and your creator?

Well I hadn’t until meeting today’s guest a little over a year ago and since then, she has completely changed the way I approach cannabis consumption for the better. Nydia GanjaClergy (or NydiaZT as known on the popular audio app ClubHouse) is a ganja clergywoman, cannabis educator, and advocate.

Founder of URWellness LLC, Nydia is a holistic & intuitive guide using a three pillar approach to mind, body and sacred plant medicine. As the CEO of Noded Inc, a vertical search engine for cannabis & Hemp Research and Co-founder/Owner (with her 8 year old son) of cannabis education resource Got Terpenes?, Nydia has made it her life’s purpose to educate and break stigma surrounding cannabis. She lives as if education is generational wealth and she wants to pass it on to you ladies!!

So tap in for a deep conversation about cannabis as a sacrement, ego that plagues the industry and how to combat it within ourselves, and her journey to create the life that she was born to live, right here and now.


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