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The Canna Mom Podcast

Joyce Gerber

Apr 21, 2022

Michigan Cannabis with Nydia Zamorano-Torres

We have a Michigan cannabis show today!

Nydia Zamorano-Torres is a cannabis entrepreneur and a ganja clergy woman who lives outside Detroit, and Penny Milkey is owner of the podcast sponsor, Northern Specialty Health Provisioning Center in the upper peninsula.

Nydia has several cannabis businesses including UR Wellness to cultivate your wellness, Got-Terpenes which she founded with her son, and of course Noded which she spoke with us about a few weeks ago with our friend Ashley Corrado.

On today’s episode of The Canna Mom Show, Nydia and Penny tell of their canna journeys as moms and business owners and share their wisdom as pioneering women in the cannabis industry.

Click here to listen to the entire episode.

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